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Whether you’re looking for a method to conserve some money or to make your cage-cleaning chores simpler, you’ll like these liners. They have got an absorbent coating in the middle to maintain your pets dry, and everything is machine-washable. Even if you aren’t a sewing expert, these liners are easy to make and will pay for themselves. Custom Tote Bags Online

So first things first, you need to get your supplies. You’ll probably want enough fleece to make two liners so you can use one while the other is being washed. Each liner has a top and bottom piece, so consider buying two different colors (or patterns) to be able to tell which way is up. I bought enough fleece to be able to make smaller pads to put in the corners and along the sides where they tend to make more mess. This way, you can just swap out a couple of small pads when needed.

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Aside from the fleece, I purchased some absorbent pads that are typically used to keep mattresses dry. Although I don’t think you absolutely need to include this layer, I would strongly recommend it. I found the pads in the bedding section of a department store. que es tote bag.

F initial tote bag,Lastly, you need a sewing machine and some miscellaneous supplies-check out the table below for a full list.

tote bag imprint,Before you get started, it is best to pre-wash your fleece. New fleece has a water-repellent quality, so you need to break that down to allow water to pass through.

l credi tote bag,I washed the fleece a few times in warm water, and it seemed to work fine. I’ve read that you can add vinegar to the wash to speed up the process. Either way you choose, let the fleece dry in between washes and drop a bit of water on it to see if water is absorbed.

Tote Bag Gamer IiTote Bag Gamer Ii l tote bag for women.

Measure the length and width of your cage and add 1 inch to each measurement. This will be the size to cut your fleece. The extra inch gives you a half-inch seam allowance when you’ll be sewing the pieces together.

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Be careful when cutting the fleece as it is very stretchy and becomes distorted easily. I used a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut my pieces. If you are using scissors, you can mark your lines with a quilters pen to assure you cut straight lines.

My cage measured 23.5 by 46 inches, so I cut my fleece and absorbent pads to 24.5″ x 47″. I used 9″ x 9″ squares for the changeable pads (for a final dimension of 8″ x 8″). As you can see from the picture below, the absorbent pad wasn’t quite long enough, so I had to sew two pieces together. I’ve included pictures below to explain how I pieced them together.

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